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Front loader Avant 635

Technical data: length 2,55 m, width 1,29 m and height 2,09 m
Weight: 1380 kg

Despite the small size the loader is capable of handling heavier loads. The loader does not damage lawns, pavings and other sensitive surfaces.



Mini excavators

weight: 2-5 tons


Attachments for the front loader:

High tip bucket
the right choice when you need to reach higher.
width: 1280 mm
volume: 350 l
Tipping height: 2,82 m

dozer blade
blade width 1,5 or 2 metres

Pallet fork + log grab
With The log grab you can lift and transport bigger stones, branches, single logs and smaller timber bundles.

General bucket
1280 mm
Volume: 170 l

for levelling and planing of larger areas.




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